Thursday, July 9

Beating the Heat (or at least trying to)

To say that it is hot here in Texas is a bit of an understatement. For the past several weeks our highs have been in the 100's and it has felt quite miserable outside. We received our electric bill today and I wouldn't say I was horrified, just not too happy after opening it. Being the mother of three small children I can assure you that staying inside all day while this tremendous heat wave passes is not an option. So I thought I'd do a post about some of the things we do to try to make it more bearable.
We bought a plastic pool with a slide at Wal-Mart for $30. It has been worth every penny and then some! It is amazing that a family of 5 can fit in it too. My parents bought a slip n slide. The girls and I have had more fun on it than I could imagine. Our backyard is on a little slope and combined with some dish soap, it makes for a great time. We have all 5 been consuming unhealthy amounts of Ice Pops. They are so delicious and come in flavors like apple, banana, pina colada and many more. Too bad they aren't calorie free :( .
The one very good thing about this summer's heat is that I am really looking forward to Fall (like I needed a reason to look forward to Fall). I am trying to be optimistic and remind myself that July is almost 1/2 over, then we just have August, September, and most of October and THEN we should get some fall-like temperatures!