Sunday, April 12

May You be Blessed With a Happy Easter

This is an extremely fitting Corporate Prayer of Confession that was printed in our church bulletin this morning. May we each truly reflect upon the purpose of Christ's death and resurrection today and everyday.

"God of the empty tomb, we come to this joyful Eastertide with eyes focused on the lilies, but we ask that thou guide them to the cross. Remind us that our sin put thy Son on the Cross. Remind us that we continue in that sin even though we know the dreadful price Jesus paid. Remind us that we can turn away from our sin only through the life-changing power of thy Holy Spirit. God of the empty tomb, forgive us we pray. Amen."


  1. That was a good prayer; I had thought about posting it myself.

  2. That really was a great prayer, I love coming to visit your blog you are such a sweet lady continue to give God the glory and taking care of your home.