Wednesday, April 29

An Upsetting Expierience (for a two year old)

I suppose this would be an upsetting experience regardless of age. Albeit, it isn't as likely to happen to an adult due to, um, size.

A few days ago I was baking cookies from scratch, trying to live up to the expectations of stay at home moms everywhere. My hands were covered in very gooey dough. The recipe involved rolling it up after spreading a layer of melted chocolate (jelly roll style) and I hadn't let the dough chill long enough. As any experienced baker knows, no amount of flour in the world will keep cookie dough from sticking to your hands and everything else if it isn't chilled properly. My two year old daughter ran into the kitchen and said, "Oh Mommy, I need to tinkle," with some urgency. I know from experience when she says that, I had better drop everything and run to the bathroom, so that is exactly what I did. I flipped the light switch on with my elbow then headed back to the kitchen to get some of the goo off my hands. She is very independent and likes to put her little potty seat on the big potty and get up there all by herself. While trying to get my cookie roll wrapped in plastic wrap I heard what I thought was a little thud then an ever so faint cry for help. Knowing my sweet Lily, I assumed she was having trouble getting her panties back on so I wasn't in any big hurry. Nevertheless, I started washing my hands, not nearly quick enough, I soon realized as her cries for help grew more frantic. Once again, I sprinted to the bathroom to find my precious girl sitting in the potty crying hysterically. She had forgotten to put her own little seat on before sitting down and, you guessed it, went all the way down into the dreaded potty water. YUCK! Thankfully, it had been flushed so she landed in clean water, sort of.

The moral of this story is, don't be in too big of a hurry. The cookies or whatever you have going on in the other room will still be there when your toddler finishes tinkling, so just take your time and stay with her. Trust me, it could save a huge mess and emotional distress for you and her!

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  1. Of course it is easy to say it is funny because it did not happen to me:) We were watching Jurrasic park on TV and our 2 yr old GS walked in the room when the dino was just about to eat the guy who was on the toilet. We are all wondering if this will now make it harder to potty train the 2 yr old as he is probably emotionally scared from watching that scene:) Thanks for visiting my blog and the photo on my header was shot by me at the Philly Flower show. If you scroll back and go the post for my first Tablescape you can enjoy some amazing flowers and tablescapes. I will visit again. Oh and I hope the cookies were good!