Tuesday, March 31

Washing Windows

Spring is in the air, and so is a lot of pollen and dust. The windows at our house have somehow attracted and held onto every floating thing that flies by. Needless to say, they could use a good cleaning. I am very thankful to have double-hung windows that I can open them into the house and clean. It is so much easier than carrying my supplies and a chair all the way around the house and removing screens all while keeping an eye on my children and another one out for bees and wasps (I'll do a post sometime on my tremendous fear of winged insects).

For extra dirty windows, using Windex and newspaper or paper towels is not very practical. Instead I put 1/4 cup of ammonia, a squirt of dish washing liquid and a gallon of warm water in my mop bucket. Using a washcloth, I scrub the windows until my elbows are quite cramped. Next I use a clean dry cloth baby diaper or other lint free cloth to dry the glass. I promise this will leave your windows shining and streak-free. Happy Cleaning!!!

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