Friday, March 20

Why I've Jumped on the Blog Bandwagon

For a few months now I have gone back and forth about starting a blog. My husband seemed to think it would be a good idea and something enjoyable. I wasn't so sure. After all I have three children ages four, two, and seven months, so it isn't like I have an abundance of spare time on my hands.

After much debate, I have decided in favor of starting one though, so here goes nothing (or something, hopefully). My youngest is on sort of a napping schedule now so I do have some spare time each day that I plan to devote to blogging. My purpose in creating this blog is to impart some of my invaluable and extensive knowledge in housekeeping, gardening, child rearing, and many other areas. That is a joke! Honestly, I do have experience in those areas and hope to be an encouragement and help to others if possible.

Nearly five years ago, when my doctor told me to go to the hospital in two days to be induced into labor, I burst into tears. To say that I felt overwhelmed is an understatement. I had been pregnant soooo very long but somehow hadn't really came to terms that a real, live, helpless baby was about to be brought into this world and I would be her primary caretaker. I am an only child and never ever babysat not even once. This newborn baby would be the first child under the age of five that I had ever held! Of course my mother and mother-in-law were great encouragements to me saying things like "don't worry, it will all just come so natural to you." Well I wouldn't say it all came natural, but we somehow survived and now five years later I have three children. I am a stay at home mom and love it (most days).


  1. I've just found your blog and I'm really looking forward to reading what you have to say! :)

  2. Thanks Anika, I'm happy to know at least one other person than my husband will be reading this blog. I also look forward to reading your interview on his blog.

    John, I'm glad you approve! :)